Media stereotypes: the war on females in mainstream media especially females of color

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Media is a visual form of communication. A picture is worth a thousand words. Unlike words, a picture cannot be easily flipped through without much thought. Images capture our imaginations and become permanent imprints on our brains. Thus, empowering us to live a life we can only dream about. The questions are “do we believe what we believe?” or “do we know what we think we know?” This project is designed to transform the way we think about females in media especially females of color and bring awareness of the negative stereotypes portrayed by the media of females especially females of color and to look at the effect that subconsciously impede the self-esteem, self-respect and self-identity of women especially women of color. As a faith leader, educator, progressive reformer, community organizer and television producer, I am passionate about the process of growth and development. My social responsibility is to raise the consciousness of mindsets and to be a voice against social and systemic evil. I use media to influence communities on the importance of transformation and empowerment. I heard it said we will never get anybody to believe in us, until we believe in ourselves; we will never get anybody to love us, until we love ourselves. It is time for women to declare with confidence that “we” are the Imago Dei as the narrative is written in the book of Genesis chapter 1 verse 26.  
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